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  Custom Woodworking

Cherry wood raised panel cabinetry.


                                                    PLANNING YOUR PROJECT

1. CHOOSING AND DESIGNING CABINETRY FOR YOUR HOME ... whether a new home or a renovation will take some planning ...and that's where we assist you.

2 . Decide what your wood type and style of cabinets will be . What is important to you in your kitchen?  Remember ... everyone has very different ideas and likes, and none are right or wrong.  

3.  Your taste is personal and special .. just like you.  We will guide you to the ultimate design for your household. 

4. Do your homework ...  see something  in a magazine that you would like  in your kitchen?  Cut it out

    and start an    " I LIKE / WANT BOX".    Remember that your suggestions help me in doing the ultimate design for you and your family.  List   down everything you would like to have in your new kitchen.   

5. Consider a budget for your job. That gives me a place to start and lets me know what will work for you. Our cabinet shop features high quality materials and a variety of wood types and styles to choose from. There is always something that will fit your budget.