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  Custom Woodworking

                             Family Pride In A Family Run Business

 It takes a lot of guts and ambition to reach for your dream. Matt Zyha has both..

 His passion for woodworking started years ago in a small Alberta town  where he started designing and building small furniture items in the basement of the farm home. This eventually led to building custom cabinets for some of the surrounding farm families.

Matt had always mentioned  that his dream was to have his own cabinet shop on an acreage. He didn't know where ... but it would happen.

A move to Ft. McMurray with his young family enabled him to further reach his dream. It was there that he opened his first cabinet shop with a partner.  Within a few years he opened another cabinet shop on his own in Ft. McMurray and then a few years later a final move to the acreage in Spruce Grove, AB. where we operate today.

A lot of custom crafted products have come out of the RDS Custom Woodworking shop.  Through the years all 3 of our sons have participated in various aspects of the business. Shawn has stayed on to be a master cabinet builder. Matt passed his tradition on to his son who embrased and adopted his fathers craft in specializing in the industry of woodworking.

Today Matt and Shawn combine their knowledge, education and passion for outstanding craftsmanship at RDS Custom Woodworking ... a family run company for over 25 years.

Our products are individually hand crafted using quality care to the very last detail to ensure that each client gets the best possible results.  In a market dominated by mass production of  factory products we at RDS Custom Woodworking are proud to supply our customers with

  " custom crafted"  products.

Today Matt, Shawn and I ( Patricia ) view customer satisfaction as our number one goal.

written by Patricia ... wife, mother and cabinet designer.